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Shipping Delays

Yes I'm also one of those effected by the Corvid outbreak. For myself and my children this means we have not been able to see my parents and their grandparents for over 2 1/2 years and my smallest has not been able to meet my family at all as she was born at the start of Corvid. 

Seeing the WA boarders have now finally opened up again I'm taking the opportunity sooner rather then later and will be travelling to Germany to finally be able to make up for all those missed memories

Therefore all orders placed after the 13th March will ship after the 26th April (depending on order volumes this might be later. see the individual item descriptions for more details) I understand this is quiet a long period of time however I hope you understand that making memories with my family is now more important to me then ever before and as I'm a one man business there unfortunately is no other option.

I really appreciate all your patience and understanding in this time and will be working on all your orders as soon as possible. For more information on shipping times etc feel free to email me anytime on or contact me via the live chat. 

Thanks and take care