How to hang your Macrame Storage Solutions

Have you recently purchased a hang me U.P. product but now you are questioning what best to use to hang it up? Here are some helpful tips I have collected with the help of my beautiful customers that I hope will help you too.

Screw in hooks:

Without a doubt, the best and most long lasting option to hang anything that needs to hold a lot of weight (e.g. macrame fruit baskets) is to drill into your wall or cupboards. If you are happy to go ahead with this option I recommend using Cup Hooks. These come in a large range of various sizes and depending if you have to hang your storage solution off a wooden ring, dowel or metal ring you will find a cup hook size that will fit perfectly. 


Stick-on hooks:

Don't like the idea of drilling? Then stick-on hooks are the perfect option for you. But, one important criteria to consider before you start looking for the right stick on hock and that is the surface of your walls. Is the wall in your caravan or home textured or is it smooth? Not all stick-on hooks are made for textured surfaces!


Fusion-Loc Suction Hooks will be your best friend for any vinyl, laminated, glass or tiled surfaces. These hold up to 13kg and with their anti-rust warranty are made to last



3m Command Hooks come in a large range of shapes, colours and sizes and are ideal for medium to low-weight storage solutions (e.g Hat & Cap Hanger)



Tip: instead of the 3m command stick on strip replace it with Gorilla Tape. This heavy-duty tape is designed to work on a large range of surfaces including vinyl and plastic. It is also designed for hot and humid climates which is where the 2m command tapes might fail. 



I hope these tips will help you find the perfect hanging solution for yourself. Should you have feedback you would like to share please email me at