The Benefits of Crafting

When thinking of crafting, I know many of us (if you’re old enough) probably recall making boondoggle keychains at summer camp or bringing home that homemade gift for a holiday that we made in class. Sure, those were great memories and I’m sure our loved one’s enjoyed each and every piece of work we brought home but those are memories, right?  I mean, who can possibly benefit from me creating something now?

The answer is simple. You can!

Research has shown that crafting, regardless of the medium you use, can bolster mood, improve self-confidence, and reduce stress overall.  In addition, crafting has also shown to improve mental agility, improves both gross and fine motor movements, and also decrease cognitive decline.  Crafting additionally has been shown to be a natural anti-depressant. Research studies have shown that those suffering from PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Insomnia and any level of chronic pain have achieved a reduction in symptoms by incorporating crafts into their lives. 

Crafting creates a situation very similar to that of meditation.  When engaged in a craft, you are focusing on the here and now.  In those moments, time stands still.  You are able to forget the stressors of day to day life and be part of something completely separate. In addition, crafting stimulates the production of dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter, that is responsible for pleasure and enjoyment.

So what craft do I have to do to achieve these benefits?

Any! The beauty of crafting is that crafting is non-specific and can be anything that your heart desires! From the classics (knitting, quilting, sewing, ceramics) to the more modern-day crafts (card making, resin, body scrubs, or macrame).

But I’m not really crafty, I don’t know what I like?

No problem! Start off with something simple such as a paint by number or a small DIY craft kit which are very guided craft activities with the same quality results!  There are also some amazing craft YouTube channels to give you some guidance! If you would like to try yourself out on an easy macrame project my DIY plant hanger or keychain & bag accessory kit are perfect beginner projects. Don't like to do it all by yourself? Join one of my macrame workshops and join other likeminded crafters.