How to pick a high quality Macrame Fruit & Veg Storage

As a caravan owner, you most probably have come across the idea of storing your fruit & veg in some sort of hanging macrame fruit storage. If hammock or basket there are hundreds of makers currently offering these and it can be overwhelming trying to pick the right one. Here are a few helpful tips to choose a high-quality macrame fruit storage for you:

1. pick a product that is AUSTRALIAN handmade. Supporting small, local businesses in this day and time is more important than ever before! However, be careful. All macrame products are handmade, as there is no such thing as machine-produced macrame. Our Australian market is full of cheap Chinese creations so make sure you support someone who sells their OWN creations, not an import!

2. made on STEEL RINGS! If you want to store a good amount of Fruit & Veg then your basket needs to be made using steel rings, not wood. Wood might look pretty but wooden rings can snap when knocked or under a lot of weight. Steel will make it extra durable and lasts the test of time! 

3. Small NETTING! Check the gaps in the macrame netting are small enough so small-sized Apples or Limes do that fall through it.

4. ECO-friendly materials: Try and support a maker who uses 100% recycled cotton cord. The environment will thank you and the cotton cord will be soft on your fruit and not bruise it.

5. Purchase from an EXPERIENCED maker: with experience comes quality! Experienced makers have created the same product for hundreds of other customers and filed their products to perfection! 

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